Hello There!
You've found the front door to my t-shirt and design empire. Come on in and see if something makes you chuckle, or blush, or cringe and run away. Apparel, mugs, buttons, stickers, even some stuff for your office or bar. If you don't find what you need, I'll create it for you, if legal.

If you laugh at sexy, ribald, adult, goofy, sarcastic humor, you might find something here that makes you chuckle. If you like beer and boobs and snarky SmartAss humor, then you're right at home. If dick and fart jokes make you laugh, welcome to the party. If you like Hooters, well, who doesn't? Did I mention the titties and beer and sarcasm and sports?

Check out all of my sites. Follow the links below to all sorts of stuff, not all of it will make you blush. They sometimes will have similar designs but they have different colors and styles that really make certain designs pop. Check out the Benevolent Pimp for something totally different.

Check out my new blog for a weekly dose of silliness.

JMGNole SmartAssTeeson

SmartAssTees at HUGE selection of styles and colors, and you cn customize them too! Forgotten Coast: Beach shirts, beach bags, hats and long sleeved cover ups to keep that sun off. Nice Guy Tees.  For the less abrassive in my crowd.  Holidays. Sarcasm, Satire, Smart Ass, Silly, Shirts
JMG at Printfection:  Cver 200 different apparel / color combinations for Men, Women and Children.  I can customize whatever you like here. The Benelovent Pimp:  Stuff that no one should sell, but someone simply has to. I'm that person.  If you text it, I'll put it on a shirt! Coastal Colors Prints.  Beach pictures. JMG Oval Stickers from CafeePress.  No one else has these, and I like them.  I can build whatever you need.